Proposed Research Themes

CITSE will consider the following research themes of the Development Challenge

  1. Research on improved curricula, pedagogy, assessment and development of cutting edge instruments and methodologies especially in relation to STEM education;
  2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of learning assessments;
  3. Development and dissemination of sound methods to inform evidence-based decision making;
  4. Inclusive education

The Centre will undertake an applied research programme focusing on STEM education that includes the following:

Applied Research
1. Bilingual/mother tongue education especially in STEM education
2. Approaches to early grade literacy and numeracy
3. Student-cantered teaching
4. ICT utilisation to improve teaching and learning
5. Evaluation and assessment mechanisms
6. Teacher training methods
7. Developing effective Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs
8. Recruitment, retention and training of (STEM) teachers
9. Approaches to inclusive education/educating children with disabilities; differentiated teaching
10. School-based management and community engagement
11. Cost analysis to inform policy decisions