Student Recruitment

The Centre will adopt a vigorous recruitment campaign to get a regionally diverse student body. There will be local and international advertisements in a variety of media- print, electronic and social. Our national, regional and global partners will be part of our student recruitment efforts on their websites. In student recruitment advertisements, incentives available for students within the Centre will clearly be highlighted. Online advertisement, television adverts and radio jingles will be part of the strategies. There will also be flyers that will be distributed at regional conferences particularly those held outside the country.

At the moment, the Lagos State University advertisements for admission into postgraduate degree programmes are online as well as through national dailies. These have been highly successful. The Centre plans to sustain this but to also provide some international touch so as to capture our regional audience.

Advertisement will play a major role in having the Centre achieve at least 30% of postgraduate students for Africa Centers of Excellence must be from Africa (non-national).  The available incentives in the Centre is also another plus for regional students’ enrolment. We will consider sponsoring staff to neighbouring countries to visit universities particularly those that do not have postgraduate programmes, discuss the benefits of studying at the Centre and attract final year students of the universities to our Centre for their postgraduate programmes.